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What equipment can I use to stream on Chibo?

Minimum Requirements

At minimum, a Chibo host should have a stable internet connection (speeds of 15 MB or higher), and a laptop/computer equipped with speakers, microphone, and a camera.

Basic Chibo Host Setup

Your streaming set-up doesn't have to be complex! Our basic recommended set up is:

  • a Laptop (with built in speakers, microphone, and camera)

  • a Webcam to provide a second camera angle. If you don't have a separate webcam, you can use an app like Epoccam or iVCam to turn your smartphone into a webcam.

Video Options

You can connect up to 5 cameras and switch between camera angles seamlessly with the press of a button. To connect a new camera view, a camera must be connected to your laptop or computer as a webcam. Here are a few options:


Webcams are easy and reliable. Just plug them in and install any necessary drivers.


Your smartphone can act as a webcam when using an app like Epoccam or iVCam. We've found that iVCam works best for Windows PC laptops, and Epoccam works best for Macs. We're always looking for the best and most reliable connection methods, so if you have any suggestions please let us know!

Digital Cameras (DSLR, mirrorless, point and shoot, camcorder etc,)

In order to turn your digital camera into a webcam you can use for livestreaming you'll need a video capture device. A video capture device turns the video signal coming from your camera into something your computer can recognize and use as a webcam.


Our top recommendation for this is the Elgato Cam Link. It's a compact USB dongle that you can plug in to your computer which makes it perfect for streaming from a laptop


Laptop with a built-in mic, lavalier mic (clips to a collar), or a bluetooth headset with a built-in mic all work as long as the mic can be connected as an input to your broadcasting device. We recommend using a lavalier mic or bluetooth headset as this allows your audience to hear you even when you move away from your laptop.


We recommend a loud enough set of speakers to hear your class well. Some laptops are loud enough, but, otherwise, we recommend a small bluetooth speaker that can produce enough volume to fill your space. Bluetooth headphones with a built-in microphone are a great option as well.