We hear you have great taste.

We hear you have great taste.

Live Event

Promotional Best Practices

  • Story pulses to continue awareness and drive engagement

    • Q&A : What questions do you have for me about Chibo? About the experience?

    • Polls : Have you signed up to make this recipe with me yet?  [ Yes | Signing Up Now ]

    • Countdown until the class registration is closed / Countdown to the class start time

    • Direct Swipe Up Links: the Chibo team can create a short link for you for direct swipe up. 


  • Talking Head Instagram stories: Generate buzz about your Chibo class by explaining what Chibo is and why you’re excited to be hosting a class (see below talking points for inspiration – you can use as much or as little as you’d like) 

  • Static Instagram Post – allows your audience to ask questions/engage with you about the class 

  • Facebook Posts: reaches a different audience than Instagram – creating an event for your class has proven effective as well.

  • Giveaways – some creators have given away a free ticket, or personal merch (cook book, aprons, etc)

    • Example: One of our plant-based 

  • Brand partnerships - Have a food or cooking product you love? Ask the brand if they’ll offer a discount or special deal for Chibo class participants. 

    • Example: One of our Keto-based hosts partnered with a keto-friendly sweetener, all participants received 20% off an order of sweetener. 



Here are a few talking points for Chibo. Please note – these talking points are for inspiration, I do not advise reading these verbatim. Some of these are near-direct quotes from our Chibo TV spots or other hosts. However, please feel free to put these in your own words!



  • I’ve had a lot of people ask me to host dinner parties or events and I haven’t been able to previously for logistical reasons, but I am SO EXCITED to announce that I will be hosting a live, interactive class with @cookwithChibo! 


  • Chibo is a brand new innovative digital cooking platform that has re-invented the cooking classes you’re used to. 


  • Chibo is virtual and accessible for anyone. You can enjoy from the comfort of your own kitchen - put on your comfy clothes and let’s hang out while we cook something delicious.  Space is limited, so make sure you get a ticket before it sells out! You do not want to miss this opportunity to hang out with me in an intimate setting. 


  • Chibo’s 2-way stream technology allows you to speak up and ask questions in real time as if I’m right there with you. 


  • When you sign up for my Chibo class, you’ll receive the full recipe, an ingredient list, and a list of what equipment is needed. You won’t have to prep anything in advance - we’ll go through everything together. Another cool feature of Chibo - if I’m moving too fast, you can hit the “slow down” button and I’ll know to give you more time. 


  • This Chibo class is a chance for us to be online TOGETHER in the comfort of your own kitchen. You will be able to see and interact with me. I hope you’ll come into the kitchen with me as we create this special recipe, and that you’ll invite me into yours. Registration is limited to ensure that this is intimate and cozy. 

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