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Kimchi Fried Rice & Soondooboo

with the Korean Vegan


Kimchi + Gochujuang = FIRE!!  Or, just Kimchi Fried Rice.  Either way, it is the perfect “get rid of all the stuff in my fridge before it rots” dish, because it guards against food waste and is absolutely delicious.  Plus, it’s so easy to make, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t added kimchi fried rice to your weekly rotation of “look you guys I know how to use kimchi” dishes. 


I realize that “you guys” might just be yourself and 3 cats, these days, but trust me—you’ll be whispering, “I’ve really outdone myself” while stuffing kimchi into your mouth because no one’s there to judge you. 


And then, because the Korean in me simply cannot abide by eating a rice dish without a stew (or “chigae”), I’m pairing my kimchi fried rice with my all time favorite—soondooboo chigae or Soon Tofu Stew.  It’s fiery, velvety, and GD amazing. You won’t want to miss out, so, uhm, don’t? 


I’ve decided to make my sessions FREE while we are all stuck in quarantine, so hit the “register” button below NOW and eliminate any FOMO while you still can!



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Register and get the recipe and ingredient list

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Join live and ask questions using your device's microphone

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Improve your skills and create amazing food at home

So wait, how is this different from watching a tutorial video?

It's not just instructions—a live cook-along experience means insider tips and tricks through the process to ensure your food comes out perfect every time, and, if you get stuck, you can ask questions and get help along the way.

Eek! A two-way stream? How does that work?

Our live hosts can hear you (if you want), but they can’t see you. When you join the class, your mic will be muted by default. You can speak up if you have a question or a really good joke, but don’t worry about fixing your hair or cleaning your kitchen for strangers before the show!


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