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Hosts Questions

How do I sell recordings of live events?

Chibo allows you to make your recordings of past classes available for sale. If you would like to do so: - Go to http://www.cookwithchibo.com and log in to your host account - Click the Profile button in the top right corner of the window - Select My Shows and select the past event that you would like to sell recordings of - Set your recording sale price and hit Submit! Currently, you can only make recordings available for sale after the recording is completed and posted to your account.

How do I edit my Chibo Profile?

- Go to http://www.cookwithchibo.com and log in to your host account - Click the Profile button in the top right corner of the window - Select My Profile and hit Edit Profile - Add a picture, description, and social media links and hit Submit!

How will my fans get into the Live Class?

After someone purchases a ticket to the event they’ll receive a confirmation email as well as reminder emails as the event gets closer. Each email will provide a link to the class as well as a tutorial on how to use Chibo.

Will my fans receive a recording of the class?

Yes! Everyone that purchased a ticket to your event will receive an email to the recording within 24 hours of the event.

Is there any training I should do for my viewers?

Everybody gets a link to a Chibo tutorial in their email but it helps to give your fans a quick walkthrough of the platform at the beginning of class! Let your fans know that Chibo is a 2-way audio 1 way video platform where everyone can see and hear you but you can’t see them. Their microphone is muted when they log on, but they can activate their mic for 45 sec by pressing the button in the top right corner of the video. If they have any issues they can press the button on the bottom left to contact a live Chibo rep for help.

Why can’t I see my viewers?

When we first started we found viewers were stressing out about getting all dressed up and cleaning their kitchen to take a class. We decided to design the Chibo platform to take the stress out of taking a cooking class so they can focus on having fun and learning something new.

What do I do if someone is having connection issues during my class?

If they’re jumping in late, welcome them in! Let them know that they’ll receive a link to the recording within a couple hours after class so they can catch up on the parts they missed. If they’re having any issues they can also click the button on the bottom left corner of the screen to reach out and one of the Chibo team members can help them out.

Someone is saying they’re having audio/video issues during class!

No worries! They can fix most audio/video issues by just refreshing their browser. You can also do this for them by clicking the refresh button next to their name. If they continue to have issues they can contact a Chibo rep by clicking the question mark button on the bottom left corner.

A fan is asking me for a refund.

Chibo has a generous refund policy: If anyone isn’t 100% satisfied with their experience we will provide a full refund if requested within 3 days of the event. If someone asks for a refund in your social media account or by email, we recommend that you refer them to our customer service team at help@cookwithchibo.com and they'll get them sorted out.

What do I need to stream?

If you have a device with a camera, mic, and speakers you're all set! With Chibo you can connect up to 5 cameras and switch views seemlessly with the press of a button during class. The standard Chibo host set up is a laptop with a built in camera, mic, and speakers running on Google Chrome and connected to a webcam or smartphone as a second camera Feel free to check out our Tech Suggestions page for more info!

When will I receive payment for my event?

Chibo disburses payment for past live events on the 5th and 20th of each month at least 5 days after the event date. Payment for recording sales are disbursed on the 5th of each month.