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Chibo First Class

This fall, we are excited to welcome 50 brand-new hosts as part of our Chibo First Class Program. We're building a community of passionate creators with a genuine love for all things food. Chibo First Class initiates will have exclusive access to the latest release of Chibo and other awesome perks.

First Class hosts will work directly with the Chibo team to build their home studio set-up, create an event plan, and design a promotional strategy.

But don't just take our word for it...

Other platforms

don't even come close. 

The Korean Vegan describes her experience on Chibo.
Anne from The Flour Box Bakery describes her experience on Chibo.

My audience loves that they cook along with me, getting guidance in real-time.

- Kristie PhD, Diet Doctor

Anne from The Flour Box Bakery describes her experience on Chibo.

Chibo is different because it's designed specifically for cooking.

Anne from The Flour Box Bakery describes her experience on Chibo.

The Chibo team held my hand and helped me set up my whole home studio.

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What is Chibo?

  • Chibo is a live, interactive cooking platform designed specifically for epicurean creators. As a creator on Chibo, you can host classes whenever, wherever, and however often you’d like. You set the ticket prices, choose the recipe or topic, and have the freedom to create what your audience wants to see.

What equipment do I need to run my first Chibo class?

  • You can stream a professional-quality Chibo class with only a smartphone and a laptop.

Why should I run classes on Chibo instead of Zoom or Google Hangouts?


  • Before we started developing Chibo, we road-tested a variety of popular video conferencing apps by hosting live, interactive cooking sessions with real people on the other end. While these apps work well for remote meetings, it should come as no surprise that they all fell short of creating a great interactive cooking experience.

    Chibo is designed to address the specific experience of online cook-along classes.  We’ve made it easy to add additional camera angles to your stream, solved the issue of microphone management with a speaking queue, and added a recipe navigation system. We have streamlined class registration, recipe development, and event management all into one convenient platform



What are class participants saying about their Chibo experience?


  • We take user experience personally. From the very beginning, we’ve prioritized host and audience feedback when developing our platform. We send a survey to all participants after each class and review this feedback constantly.

    In a recent survey, 87% of the audience said their experience was very good or excellent. Chibo is a high-tech, easy to use experience. We have a proactive approach to customer service, reaching out to anyone dissatisfied with their experience, and providing a range of options - up to and including a full refund.


How do I sign up to run my first Chibo class?


  • If you would like to apply to be part of Chibo’s First Class, please submit an application using the form above. We will review your application and reach out to you when we have an opening for a new host!

How can I get in touch to request more info?

  • Send us an email at help@cookwithchibo.com.

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